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Cyber attack on Mitsubishi Electric - comment from Claroty

January 2020 by Dave Weinstein, CSO at Claroty

The commentary from Dave Weinstein, CSO at Claroty, regarding a massive cyber attack on Mitsubishi Electric. The attack has been blamed on a Chinese hacking group, who gained unauthorised access to personal computers and servers where information regarding government agencies and other business partners may have been compromised.

The electronics giant said that among the potentially leaked information are email exchanges with the Defence Ministry and the Nuclear Regulation Authority as well as documents related to projects with private firms, including utilities, railway operators, communications and automakers.

Dave Weinstein, CSO at Claroty comments - “China has repeatedly demonstrated a propensity to target organisations at the intersection of industry and government, particularly as it relates to the defence sector. While no sensitive infrastructure information was compromised, according to reporting, the compromised personal information will undoubtedly be used to enable subsequent reconnaissance operations not only against Mitsubishi, but also its suppliers, customers, and partners — both government and non-government. This incident highlights the degree to which China continues to view industrial espionage as a legitimate means of gaining competitive advantages, both economically and geopolitically.”

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