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Cyber Wiser Light Service: A smart approach to Cyber Security for EU Businesses everywhere

May 2016 by Marc Jacob

Introducing Cyber Wiser Light, a new free-of-charge, online tool available to e-commerce businesses of all sizes that will aide in adopting a risk management approach to assessing and remediating cyber risks and protecting digital assets.

Cyber Wiser Light makes cyber risk management a central part of the business process. It is an easy-to-use tool with advanced features to help businesses to improve their resilience to cyber threats. SMEs and organisations of all sizes can get an initial, high-level view of their cyber risk exposure with minimal investment in time and human resources to make their lives easier.

With an emphasis on Small and Medium Enterprises crucial to the European economy, but which typically lack the time, money and resources to protect their businesses from cyber threats. Those constraints are no longer a barrier to cyber risk management with the Cyber Wiser Light service which allows enterprises’ the ability to validate their cyber security posture anytime, anywhere.

The consequences of a cyber breach can be massive and long lasting. SMEs typically trail behind on information security and surveys show that many fail to consider the impact a cyber-attack would have on their business. Organizations that have already experienced a breach said the attack led to brand damage, loss of customers, and a diminished ability to win new business. Building the resilience of small businesses to cyber crime is important and should be high on all business owners’ list of priorities. This is exactly where Cyber Wiser Light comes into play.

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