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Cyber Security Breaches Survey - organisations must consider the impact mishandled data might have - industry comment

January 2018 by Darren Anstee, Chief Technology Officer, NETSCOUT Arbor.

Following the government publishing findings of its Cyber Security Breaches Survey, please find below comment from Darren Anstee, Chief Technology Officer, NETSCOUT Arbor.

Darren believes the main objective should be addressing the issues regulations are designed to addresses, rather than simply looking to comply. He expands on what this should mean for businesses and charities alike in his comment.

“Gaining a good understanding of GDPR is still a work-in-progress for many organisations – and it’s important to consider the impact mishandled data might have on the organisation itself, customers and employees. It is concerning that at this late stage only 80% of large businesses are aware of the regulation.”

“The fact that creating and changing policies in order to comply with the new GDPR legislation is the most common change made by business and charities alike is both good and bad. On the one hand organisations have obviously taken on board the process and policy changes they need to comply, however the low percentage shown around other types of change may indicate that the focus has been purely around compliance, rather than looking at the aim of the legislation – to improve the way people’s data is acquired, processed, stored and secured.”

“While some changes may incur additional costs to businesses, others may reduce overall costs, such as the unification of regulation. The impact of data-breaches to both business and the end-user can be significant and, ultimately, it is crucial that organisations invest appropriately to protect themselves and their customers.”

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