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Cyber Risks are recognized by C-level executives – only government agencies fall short

February 2015 by KuppingerCole

The recently published KuppingerCole Digital Risk and Security Awareness Survey provides a number of interesting findings around the changing perception of Cyber Risks. One astonishing and alerting result is the lack of C-level attention for Cyber Risks in a significant number of government agencies.

While the average value of a lack of C-level attention for Information Security is at 8.2%, governments show a rate of 26.3%. This means that in more than 1 out of 4 government organizations the C-level - i.e. the leaders of the organizations – show no attention for Information Security issues. In the situation that probably all governments are already under attack, this is a horrible result, indicating an unacceptable level of ignorance.

KuppingerCole strongly recommend governments changing this. Information Security must be at the focus of the “C-level”, i.e. the heads of government agencies at all levels. There is also a need for adequate organizational structure and staffing, which will require significant budget increase.

The Advisory Note: Digital Risk and Security Awareness Survey is now available for download free of charge from KuppingerCole website. You will find it, as well as all other KuppingerCole reports, under

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