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Cyber Monday cybersecurity advice for retailers

November 2021 by Joseph Carson, chief security scientist at ThycoticCentrify

As we approach the holiday shopping season, specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday, cybercriminals will be looking to take advantage of the millions of shoppers who will take to the internet in search of the best deals. From the retailer’s side, did you know that 42% of organizations have indicated they have lost customers as a result of a cyber-attack?

Joseph Carson, chief security scientist at ThycoticCentrify offers the following advice that organizations should keep in mind to keep shoppers safe and coming back:

1. Make sure you are using multi-factor authentication on all internet-facing interfaces to prevent an easy takeover of user credentials.

2. Focus on deploying and maintaining up-to-date assets, vulnerability, patch management, and configuration management programs.

3. Develop and deploy a zero-trust strategy that enables you to enforce least privilege access across all of your applications, cloud platforms, systems, and databases. It’s your best way to prevent an attacker from escalating privileges and roaming your network undetected.

4. Implement security tools and practices that minimize disruption to end users. Busy users are more likely to skirt security policies when security tools are difficult to use.

5. Protect and isolate sensitive data, along with your backup and restore capabilities. Ransomware attackers often seek to discover your backup systems to ensure they get encrypted

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