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CybelAngel comments on cyber gangs attacking hospitals

February 2021 by Camille Charaudeau, VP of Product at CybelAngel

Following French Minister Cedric O’s words that Mafia-type gangs are behind cyber-attacks on hospitals, Camille Charaudeau, VP of Product at CybelAngel comments the following:

“Cyberattacks that disable hospitals and weaponize stolen medical records are unconscionable - and particularly ruthless during a pandemic, when the uptime of every care facility and accuracy of every health record determines whether lives are saved.

The sheer volume of attacks can often feel overwhelming and monetary gain is at the core of most attacks – through ransom demands, or by selling stolen data on illicit platforms. Going forward, this is likely something we are going to see more of and need to better prepare for. Continuous web scanning is essential to quickly identify and plug data leaks, to minimize operational downtimes and ultimately, save lives”.

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