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CybeReady Outlines Five Workforce Security Strategies for the Summer Season

June 2023 by Marc Jacob

CybeReady announced the release of its informative guide, "Five Workforce Security Strategies to Consider During Summer Holidays." Produced by the company’s security experts, the guide is part of the CISO Toolkit, which is designed to help cybersecurity managers to communicate tips and best practices and help employees in maintaining a higher level of security – easily and effectively. The Summer Guide focuses on employee awareness and vigilance while on vacation. Download the guide here.

While we all crave relaxed summer getaways, it’s crucial to understand that adversaries never go on vacation. So, as we unwind on vacation over the next few months, vigilance and adherence to security protocols are paramount. To properly prepare before leaving town, the following five actions are highly recommended:

 Opt for Mobile Data Plans or Use Secure WiFi: CybeReady experts warn against the dangers of freely available public WiFi, detailing the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks, rogue access points, and malware injections. The use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and careful selection of websites is highly recommended in order to minimize these risks.

 Safeguard Against Theft: In light of the summer season’s potential for theft, the use of screen locks, cloud-based backup systems, location tracking, and remote wipe features are advised. Also recommended is to carry a secure hard copy of essential travel documents.

 Restrict Sharing on Social Media Platforms: Given the rise in social media usage, the guide encourages individuals to be mindful of their online sharing habits. Restrict social media post visibility and be cautious about the details shared regarding location or travel plans.

 Use Only Official Websites: Using official airline and hotel apps for updates and notifications is much safer than relying on emails to reduce the risk of falling prey to phishing attempts.

 Maintain Vigilance and Adherence to Security Protocols: Stay aware with continued vigilance, even while on vacation and with a focus on maintaining the safety and security of both individuals and corporate data.

"Do not let the menace of cyber criminals overshadow a well-earned leisure time," said Eitan Fogel, CEO of CybeReady. "By adhering to these tips and incorporating them into your vacation routine, you can secure a safe and delightful experience."

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