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Cryptomathic and SIGNIUS Partner to Launch Qualified e-Signature Platform

July 2021 by Marc Jacob

Organizations of all sizes can now access the highest level of e-signature security services under European and Swiss law following the launch of SIGNIUS, a new remote qualified e-signing platform.

SIGNIUS is powered in the back end by Cryptomathic’s pioneering e-signature solution, Signer, and brings the security and non-repudiation advantages of eIDAS compliant e-signatures to a broad range of organizations, from small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to banks, government institutions and other large enterprises. To address the varying customer requirements across the market, two service options are available:

SIGNIUS Professional – Self-service e-signature portal for SMBs and individual users

SIGNIUS caters for SMB demand through SIGNIUS Professional, a self-service cloud portal, that provides a fully managed, simple, and convenient service for businesses wanting to sign documents with a legally binding Qualified or Advanced Electronic Signature in less than a minute. By seamlessly integrating with corporate, national and European Identity Providers, SIGNIUS Professional guarantees end-user identity verification either by confirming the user’s personal data stored in their eID or e-banking credentials, or by using certified video identification methods.

SIGNIUS Enterprise – Feature rich, multi-service platform for the enterprise Designed for governments, banks and other large organizations, SIGNIUS Enterprise is a comprehensive, feature rich platform providing a wider range of remote e-signature capabilities including digital contract management, Qualified Electronic Signing and Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering compliant remote customer identification.

Recognising that enterprise scale organizations have varying security policies, infrastructure models and approaches to service provision, SIGNIUS Enterprise supports a range of uniquely flexible deployment options at a price-performance ratio unrivalled by other providers on the e-signing market. Users can reskin the platform to carry their own branding and integrate it seamlessly into their existing document management, CRM and ERP systems. In contrast with the previous generation of e-signing solutions, SIGNIUS’ API-enabled architecture supports easy and fast integration with other cloud-based enterprise applications and provides a full end-to-end digital customer experience, complete with remote customer onboarding and an exceptionally convenient and visually accessible user interface. Multiple signature types, including AdES and QES, are already available on the platform, with QSeal support also in late-stage development. SIGNIUS Enterprise is also available in fully managed, hybrid and on-premise architectures.

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