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Credence ID selects Elyctis ID contactless and contact card reader for its new ECO-Identifier™ ID terminal

May 2022 by Marc Jacob

Credence ID and credential reading technology, is launching the ECO-Identifier™, its new biometric and credential reading identity platform, which now includes the Elyctis ID Reader 021 – OEM series contact and contactless reader.

During the design phase of the product, Credence ID benchmarked various solutions to include contact and contactless ID reading functions as an important feature in its ECO-Identifier™ terminal. As the terminal performs ID document reading, the integrated reader was critical to providing quick, reliable and secure reading functions for all types of contact or contactless ID documents.

During the benchmarking phase, it became apparent that many standard NFC readers were unable to read all potential ID documents. Since many common readers are not dedicated to ID, they do not support all protocols used in government identity schemes. Standing out from the pack, the Elyctis ID Reader 021 – OEM series is dedicated to the ID document reading market and was developed, along with its antenna, by Elyctis ID document experts. As such, it is uniquely able to bring performance, reliability, user-friendliness and interoperability in reading all types of ID documents in both contactless and contact modes. In addition, the Elyctis ID reader and its SDK support all the protocols used in government ID environments including BAC, EAC, PACE, passive and active authentication.

Credence ID ECO-Identifier™ is a dedicated biometric ID terminal for secure identification aimed at government and commercial ID projects. In addition to the Elyctis reader, it includes a FAP20 500 DPI fingerprint scanner, a 5 MP camera with LED, 4G modem, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and GPS, all running on a secure Android 11 OS (Google GMS approved). The ECO-Identifier™ has already been selected for large scale ID projects, and tens of thousands of devices are currently being deployed to customers around the world.

Terminal delivery and deployment are secure as both Elyctis and Credence ID have set up strong purchase policies for their component supplies that ensure products are readily available, in spite of the ongoing shortages that affect component markets globally.

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