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ConnectGuard™ Ethernet encryption technology protects mission-critical Carrier Ethernet services

January 2019 by Marc Jacob

ADVA announced that its ADVA FSP 150 with ConnectGuard™ Ethernet encryption technology is being used to safeguard the data of one of Mexico’s largest financial trading institutions. Installed by ADVA’s Elite partner PSS, the secure connectivity solution provides the financial institution with end-to-end encryption across its Layer 2 virtual private network (VPN). It also enables the trading institution to meet the most stringent government regulations regarding financial data protection. ADVA FSP 150 ConnectGuard™ Ethernet requires no additional appliances and offers robust protection with no loss of speed or performance. Certified by MEF CE 2.0 and successfully tested by EANTC labs for encryption and performance functions, the secure connectivity solution provides operational simplicity, scale and maximum security.

Connecting branches and facilities across Mexico, the financial trading institution’s VPN services are now fully protected by ADVA’s FSP 150 edge devices with ultra-secure Layer 2 encryption. ConnectGuard™ Ethernet encrypts Ethernet traffic with line-rate performance for lowest latency and highest throughput. It also comes with none of the complexity or performance cost associated with other data protection techniques. Built on the Advanced Encryption Standard, ConnectGuard™ Ethernet uses cryptographic techniques including dynamic key exchange and hardware tamper protection. It’s built on an enhanced version of MACsec with additional tunneling overlay so that no infrastructure needs to be replaced. In addition to ConnectGuard™ Ethernet security, the ADVA’s FSP 150 product range empowers the network edge with comprehensive service assurance and testing functionality.

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