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Commentary from cyber expert on Yodel cyber incident - breaking news story

June 2022 by Chris Vaughan Area Vice President - Technical Account Management, Tanium

Yodel has experienced a cyber incident which is currently causing significant disruption to its services?

Off the back of this news, a comment from Chris Vaughan Area Vice President - Technical Account Management, Tanium:

_"For the next few hours, damage control will be in full force for Yodel
- and how the business reacts will be critical to ensuring the long-term welfare of the company, mitigating the damage of the incident, limiting downtime of operations, and therefore minimising the impact of delays and other issues for customers._

_Although we’re not yet sure how the incident occurred, it’s clear that many organisations can be doing more to prevent cybersecurity related issues - even those resulting from sophisticated attack vectors. In fact, our research released today [2] reveals that 90% of high-level IT managers believe that most cyber-attacks are avoidable with a preventative approach._

_We agree that many of the damaging breaches we see could have been avoided by simply maintaining baseline cyber-hygiene standards such as having technology in place that goes beyond antivirus solutions, implementing back up mechanisms which are regularly tested and ensuring staff are adequately trained to look out for malicious links in emails."_

As you’ll see in the above, Tanium has released timely UK research today which reveals that 90% of UK cyberattacks are avoidable, and here are the key stats from the research, relevant to this story:

· The majority of cyberattacks suffered by UK organisations are avoidable: 90% of IT security professionals whose organisation has experienced a cyberattack agreed that the majority of attacks experienced had been avoidable in some way.

· Board only approves new cybersecurity funding after the incident has occurred: 86% of IT decision makers in organisations who experienced a cyberattack in the last 6 months believe that senior leadership is likely to invest in cybersecurity only after suffering a recent attack

· Preventative approaches are missed opportunities for IT teams: Almost 7 in 10 respondents believe that a mainly preventative approach to cybersecurity is best

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