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Comment on the University of Essex data breach being taken ’very seriously’

May 2022 by Marc Jacob

A data breach at the University of Essex has affected more than 400 students who are seriously treated. Law firm Hayes Connor is representing some students who said an email from an external college partner included personal information. A spreadsheet containing student IDs, birth dates, and contact details were attached to the email on 23 March.

Steven Wood, Director, EMEA, APAC, OpenText comment:

“People are working longer hours and are more prone to mistakes, typos, and errors of inclusion. There’s no guarantee that every employee or contractor is always following well thought out policy. Even with regular security and compliance training, accidents can and will happen.

In addition to the multi-layered approach to Data Protection and Security that includes data backups, malware detection and user training, organisations working with sensitive data should consider additional tools to mitigate unforeseen miss-haps and lapses in concentration.

Many organisations turn to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to protect email. DLP solutions can automate vigilance across collaboration platforms, detect various forms of unstructured and sensitive data in real-time, and apply policy to avoid misappropriating data.

By combining a Data Loss Prevention policy with Email Encryption, organisations can mitigate against employee mistakes and avoid unnecessary breaches.”

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