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Comment on ransomware attack - RES

June 2017 by Jason Allaway, VP UK and Ireland, RES

As today’s major ransomware attack continues to develop, please find below comment from RES, specialists in securing digital workspaces.

The Comment of Jason Allaway, VP UK and Ireland, RES:

"Following the WannaCry attack, it was only a matter of time before we saw another major ransomware incident. As this attack continues to spread globally, firms in all industries need to tighten the hatches and ensure they have the processes in place to minimise the risk. At this stage, critical infrastructure such as government departments, energy grids and the shipping industry have all been targeted in the Ukraine. The attack has reached British shores, affecting WPP, and so know targets such as schools and hospitals in the UK need to remain extra vigilant at this time.

How the virus is spreading is still unknown, and in the face of the unknown, companies need to be vigilant with securing their network. Proven technology such as context-aware access controls, comprehensive blacklisting and whitelisting, read-only access, automated deprovisioning and adequate back-up in place will be ever more important in stopping phishing hacks as organisation’s remain in the dark about where an attack might come from. In the long-term, staff education and a security-conscious culture have to be made a priority, as today’s attack demonstrates again that crucial industries are still being massively affected."

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