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Comment on new data protection bill from Insight UK

August 2017 by Lal Hussain, Director IT Applications at Insight UK

The details of a new data protection bill that will transfer the European Union’s current General Data Protection Regulation into UK law has been announced. Lal Hussain, Director IT Applications at Insight UK, responded to the news:

“The Data Protection Bill comes at a time when many companies, large and small, are attempting to grapple with the gluttonous amount of data we’ve been generating. Transferring GDPR into UK law is a natural progression that will enforce compliance to a new understanding of how data should be handled, forcing organisations to come face to face with the dark data they’ve been carrying since the beginnings of the digital age.

“Veritas recently estimated that on average 52% of the data an organisation holds could be dark. That is to mean they don’t know what it is, where it sits or whether it is sufficiently protected. It also means they don’t know the value that data holds. While GDPR is a requirement for all organisations, it’s an opportunity to define how data can be use and drive real value from it, while also establishing cost-effective storage strategies.

“How you manage data privacy could become as important to customer retention as the overall buying experience. If organisations therefore have to develop a mature approach to data in this modern age, it’s vital they first recognise its protection, storage and assessment affects – and benefits – the entire business. Organisations must build teams that reflect this reality, drawing on expertise in IT, legal, sales, marketing, and more. This is a collective issue that must be addressed collaboratively.”

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