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Comment on global internet outage

June 2021 by Ivan Ericsson, Head of Quality Management at Expleo

Following the recent internet outage that brought down major websites around the world, we have a comment from Ivan Ericsson, Head of Quality Management at Expleo on the importance of testing and assuring quality.

Ivan provides the comment below:

“The mass-scale internet outage we witnessed yesterday shows that no one is ever too big to fail. With millions of businesses relying on the internet for their operations, such events, even if they occur for a short time, can have significant effects. It is therefore important that all is done to ensure networks continue to operate in a fast and smooth manner at all times.

This is why quality needs to be built into technological infrastructure and supporting networks through quality engineering. By including quality assurance in the planning of any major infrastructure work and ensuring it is an integral part of ongoing operations, businesses can limit the risk of blackouts, which increases their resilience to external threats. Additionally, having testing built in enables businesses to be more agile and make changes quickly if required. This allows networks to ultimately be better built for a world filled with unpredictability and constantly evolving security threats.”

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