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Comment on UK’s National Cyber Security Centre updates Cyber Essentials Scheme for first time since 2014 Launch

January 2022 by Nick Lowe, VP sales, EMEA at Tufin

Following the news that the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has updated its Cyber Essentials scheme since its launch in 2014, Nick Lowe, VP sales, EMEA at Tufin comments the following:

“Since Cyber Security Centre first opened its doors back in 2014, the biggest and most dramatic change has been the pace and acceleration towards the cloud. A decade ago, recruiting cyber skills was difficult; today, recruiting cyber skills and applying them to security is becoming a business-critical problem AND this is with a background where the number of points of management has far out accelerated a simple move to the cloud. Then we look at the complexity of moving from a boundary-based policy (traditional) to a service-based policy in a world where security can no longer be labelled as the IT team’s responsibility alone. Simply put, we are reaching a state where the need to consolidate your cyber posture into a single layer and apply it to many different enforcement technologies is a necessity. Humans can’t do this anymore without the skilled resource being applied to the problem and not the process.”

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