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Comment on Twitter’s response to data leak reports - Melissa Bischoping, Tanium

December 2022 by Melissa Bischoping, Director, Endpoint Security Research at Tanium

The comment by Melissa Bischoping,
Endpoint Security Research Director at Tanium on Twitter’s response to
recent data leak reports:

_With all of the changes at Twitter over the previous few months and
concerns about security at the site, the reports of user data leaks were
understandably troubling to users, regardless of Twitter’s attempts to
minimize concerns. While the leaked data may have been the result of
the previously compiled data and reportedly does not contain passwords,
users should still consider this a timely reminder to audit credential
hygiene and multi-factor authentication enforcement on all their
accounts. _

_There’s no time like the present to adopt a password manager to ensure
you’re using unique, complex passwords across all of your accounts so
that any breaches to any service - past, present, or future - will not
result in your additional accounts being compromised. It takes just a
minute to check a site like " [1]" to review any
accounts that may have been compromised across the internet, and many
password management services are including this type of analysis in
their products as well._

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