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Comment on NSA & FBI Report - Russian hacking tool Drovorub

August 2020 by Joseph Carson, chief security scientist at Thycotic

Following the release of the NSA and FBI report which exposes a sophisticated Russian hacking tool code named “Drovorub” to break into Linux-based computers – Joseph Carson, chief security scientist at Thycotic offers the following comment:

“The latest report should not be a surprise and I am confident this is just one of many that is circulating in the wild. It is great finally to see both the NSA & FBI be more transparent on their finding and sharing them with the public so we can take more preventive action from malicious malware such as Drovorub. It looks like the NSA & FBI are stepping up their readiness for the upcoming presidential election by exposing malware that could be used to influence the results.

I believe this reports purpose has really a few specific reasons which is to disclose to Russia that the NSA & FBI know what they are trying to do and also enable the presidential campaigns to be aware that malicious malware such as Drovorub exists so they can put appropriate measures in place to reduce future risks.”

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