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Comment on GetHealth database leak

September 2021 by Safe Security

Following the news that an unsecured database containing over 61 million records related to fitness trackers and wearables has exposed Apple and Fitbit users’ data online, Cherif Sleiman, CRO at Safe Security, comments:

“We have seen similar situations before where organizations, even after spending millions of dollars, left their databases exposed without having the best security controls in place. This is why organizations need to shift from traditional risk management practices to proactive approaches. Organizations need to have actionable insights into their risk posture at both a micro-asset level to an enterprise wide level in real-time, which will help in avoiding such breaches. Organizations today lack an objective view into their biggest risks and need a single platform which aggregates automated signals across people, process technology, and even third party entities that an organisation works with, to dynamically predict the breach likelihood & the financial risk of the breach, to an organization.

This attack is significant not just because of the kind of data exposed, but more important because cyber criminals today have various avenues to use this data. Starting from using the data for social engineering attacks to tracking an individual to selling this data on the deep and dark web.”

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