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Comment on British Dental Association targeted by hackers

August 2020 by Joseph Carson, chief security scientist at Thycotic

Following the news that members of the British Dental Association have been targeted by hackers, the comment from Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at Thycotic.

“The latest data breach at the BDA (British Dental Association) looks to be more like a secondary victim of a cybercrime rather than the main target. These types of cyberattacks are typical by using associations that have relations with other higher valued targets so cybercriminals can abuse stolen personal information such as identity theft to laterally move into other networks appearing to be trusted authenticated users and, in this case, dentists. Theft of patient medical details is one of the most concerning data breaches so it is critical to be very clear on what type of data has been stolen and what the victims need to be doing to reduce the risks of this data breach from elevating to identity theft or even financial fraud. It is a good practice to change any passwords associated with the BDA and if any similar passwords are used at other internet sites. Monitor your accounts vigorously for any suspicious activity.”

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