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Comment on Biden passing emergency wavier over fuel pipeline cyber attack

May 2021 by Ed Macnair, CEO of Censornet

Following the news that Biden has passed an emergency wavier over a fuel pipeline cyber-attack, please see below for comment from Ed Macnair, CEO of Censornet:

“The Biden administration has to be commended for quickly passing emergency legislation. However, this incident clearly points to the fact that cybercriminals are outpacing governments.

Defenders need to win this arms race, because the systems which power civilisation are genuinely in peril unless we manage to beat the cybercriminals. Unfortunately, the omens are not good. Ransomware is going to become a bigger problem in the future because it’s so lucrative for criminals.

Attacks like this remind us that the systems which enable modern living are extremely vulnerable to cyberattack - which means our entire society is at risk. When critical infrastructure is targeted, it can cause problems that go way beyond the reputational damage businesses suffer during a data breach. Hackers could literally tear down the pillars of modern life with one targeted attack, so we need serious government action to protect critical systems.

Organisations that are concerned should start by installing tough email security to stop phishing emails get through. Small businesses must also pay attention – because they are just as much of a target as large corporations.”

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