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Comment from RES: LG WannaCry hack

August 2017 by Jason Allaway, VP UK and Ireland, RES now Ivanti

Following the news that LG has been hit by ransomware that uses malicious code seen in the WannaCry attack, the comment below from Jason Allaway, VP UK and Ireland of RES.

The fact that a variant of WannaCry has emerged and is affecting corporate behemoths such as LG after such a headline-grabbing first campaign enforces the importance of vigilance. Ransomware is not going to go away and firms, big or small, have to start taking the security of their perimeters seriously. In order to do this, firms need to be investing in education and proven technology such as context-aware access controls, comprehensive blacklisting and whitelisting, read-only access, automated deprovisioning and adequate back-ups to both prevent and combat this global problem.

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