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Comment from F-Secure on takedown of Emotet botnet by Europol

January 2021 by Jordan LaRose, Managing Consultant at F-Secure

Following the news around the takedown of the Emotet botnet by Europol, Jordan LaRose, Managing Consultant at F-Secure comments the following:

“Emotet has been a perennial enemy of businesses and cybersecurity practices alike for years now and has contributed to some of the worst incidents we’ve ever seen. Law enforcement agencies from across the globe collaborating on something like this is not only a victory in that it has likely crippled one of the most prolific droppers in recent memory; this is also a victory in international collaboration to combat cyber threats that target organizations worldwide.

One of the most difficult aspects of incident response, and combating malware at large, is taking action against attackers who are able to act anonymously and largely without penalty due to the diplomatic implications of retaliation against them. This is never truer than with a botnet like Emotet that has infrastructure distributed among countries all over the world.

While it is likely that other attackers will rise to fill the void left by Emotet, this investigation should serve as a warning to all other malware groups that distributed attack strategies won’t protect them forever”.

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