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Comment from Axonius on cyber threats in the energy sector

August 2022 by Katie Teitler, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist at Axonius

Following the publication of a report from analyst firm Global Data on cybersecurity in the energy industry, please find a comment below from Katie Teitler, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist at Axonius on how the IT functions of energy companies can deal with cybersecurity threats at this critical time for global energy security.

“As energy infrastructure becomes more digital and interconnected with traditional IT systems, the risk of attack and/or disruption grows. The threats facing the sector today, as exemplified by the Colonial Pipeline, Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA), and similar sector attacks, reveal that energy and other critical infrastructure organizations need to step up their game in terms of basic security hygiene and control. They must adopt the processes and technologies that can help them more effectively defend against digital threats. Security teams have to go back to the fundamentals to gain an understanding of their networks—IT, OT, IoT, cloud, on-prem, virtual—and learn what assets are present, how they’re configured, if they’re up to date, whether or not they’re compliant with policies and regulations, then take the necessary actions to remediate the most basic vulnerabilities that threat actors will inevitably seek to exploit.”

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