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Comment: US Government warns of new Taidoor malware used by Chinese hackers

August 2020 by Joseph Carson, chief security scientist at Thycotic

Following the news that 3 agencies of the US government have published a joint alert on Taidoor, a new strain of malware that has been used during recent security breaches by Chinese government hackers, the comment from Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at Thycotic:

“When malware is out in the wild like Taidoor, it is difficult to trace it back to the attacker using it for malicious activities, such as remote access. Absolutely, it is highly likely that the origin of the malware is from China however since it has been around for almost 12 years it is very likely that several governments, organized cybercrime and mercenary criminal hackers have got hold of the malware and are also using it. One method that a government might use it for is misdirection to create a scenario where it looks like China is behind a cyberattack when it is actually another attacker using a known malware such a Taidoor to hide their tracks and point to China as the origin.”

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