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Comment: Regulation to protect children online

January 2020 by David Orme, Senior Vice President at IDEX Biometrics ASA

IDEX Biometrics in response to the newly proposed regulations by the UK Government to protect children online - please find a comment below from David Orme, Senior Vice President for you use.

In this comment, David explores the danger age restricted content presents to under age viewers and how technology can help online companies to keep up with this regulation, ensuring that online users of all ages can use sites safely and securely.

David Orme, Senior Vice President of IDEX Biometrics ASA:

“With more than one-in-ten (11%) young people admitting that they now regret viewing adult content underage, according to research from IDEX Biometrics, the newly proposed regulations from the UK Government is an important step to protect children online. These regulations will mean that online companies will have no choice but to ensure they have an age verification solution in place to authenticate the age of users when accessing adult content online. Those who don’t could risk facing large, potentially business destroying, penalties.

“Whilst concerns over the use of facial recognition scans to verify the age online have been raised previously, digital biometric ID options can provide a much safer solution to verify identity and age. Digital biometric ID offers a secure and convenient way for consumers to verify their age and make sure they can browse the internet safely. Acting as an extra layer of security for children and added peace of mind for parents. ”

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