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Comment: Nursey webcam hack

February 2021 by Matt Aldridge, Principal Solutions Architect, Carbonite + Webroot

In relation to the news that a webcam system that lets parents drop in and watch their children while at nursery school has written to families to tell them of a data breach, a comment below from Matt Aldridge, Principal Solutions Architect, Carbonite + Webroot.

“Cyber attackers are becoming smarter and their attacks are increasingly targeted, so it’s becoming more challenging for IT admins and security teams to put any single process or technology in place to protect all threats. However, having multi-layered cyber defences, tight processes and well-trained security personnel will help to protect the business, its web properties and its data to uncover weaknesses before criminals exploit them.

In this case it appears that external application security and penetration testing should have been performed against the NurseryCam systems, to find the vulnerabilities before an untrusted third party discovered them. This is not an area that businesses should economise on, particularly those entrusted highly sensitive content or data.”

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