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Comment: NCSC urges UK org’s to take action in response to situation in and around Ukraine

January 2022 by Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer at? Attivo Networks

Following the recent new that the National Cyber Security Centre has urged UK organisations to take action in response to current political situation in and around Ukraine, the advice from Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer at? Attivo Networks:

“Businesses should take an assumed breached security posture to prepare for an onslaught of advanced and targeted attacks. This assumption shifts security focus to readiness and threat hunting for incursions within the network. Advanced threats will use identity-based attacks that inherently bypass traditional endpoint and network security defenses. Security teams need to be on high-alert for credential theft and misuse, privilege escalation, and lateral movement threat activities. Active Directory, which is the main credential store, must be protected as a top priority. This means having in place continuous visibility tools that find and fix exposures, misconfigurations, and policy drift. It also needs to include live attack detection and, ideally, the ability to redirect unauthorized access attempts to cyber deception decoys for threat intelligence gathering. Organizations should also not be overconfident in multi-factor authentication to protect identities - advanced attackers are fully equipped to bypass these controls.”

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