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Comment: NCSC urges UK org’s to take action in response to situation in and around Ukraine

January 2022 by Saket Modi, CEO at Safe Security

Following the recent new that the National Cyber Security Centre has urged UK organisations to take action in response to current political situation in and around Ukraine, the advice from Saket Modi, CEO at Safe Security:

“No business can be 100 percent secure, 100 percent of the time; it is not a question of if, but when a cyber breach will take place. Attack Techniques Tactics and Procedures (TTP) are evolving quicker than the technologies that secure businesses. As a result, businesses need to prepare for a wide array of risks including zero-day and nation-state attacks that may be perpetuated through phishing, social engineering, software vulnerabilities, and Business Email Compromise, among other vectors.

Depending on the traditional methods, using point in time risk assessments is not the right cybersecurity strategy, anymore. Continuous detection and continuous response are becoming more widely adopted by enterprises. Now, it is time for continuous prediction and quantification of cyber risk.

Organizations need to adopt real-time risk management platforms that aggregate signals from people, process, technology, existing cybersecurity products, and third parties and provide a single risk score that represents the likelihood of a breach occurring along with its potential financial impact. The security & risk management teams today are overwhelmed with data, and multiple dashboards, and hence often base their cybersecurity decisions on strategies based on subjective evaluations. While companies can identify risks, they need to build the capabilities to quantify risk.”

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