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Coloclue Builds Next-Generation Network Platform with Juniper Networks’ NFV Solution

May 2017 by Marc Jacob

Juniper Networks announced that Coloclue, a non-profit, fully independent association of network specialists, will deploy Juniper Networks vMX Virtual Router to build out its next-generation production network. Coloclue is operated entirely by volunteers, some working for global internet service providers (ISPs) and Web Hosting companies.

The vMX is a full-featured, carrier-grade virtual router, which will enable Coloclue to refresh its entire network environment. In support of this, Coloclue will deploy the vMX on the NFX250 Network Services Platform, and use the advanced automation features of Junos OS on their journey to create a Self-Driving Network, which is expected to reduce testing time and costs and free up staff for higher-value activities. Coloclue believed the deployment of vMX on the NFX250 provided it with the most cost-effective solution to refresh its network environment, thereby supporting the non-profit’s objectives.

News Highlights:
• Deploying Juniper’s vMX on the NFX250 Network Services Platform provides a high-performance, highly-automated and operationally-efficient network that will provide a high-performance production environment for Coloclue members. Members will also leverage the production network to test and troubleshoot new applications prior to roll-out.
• The vMX provides a comprehensive suite of advanced routing functions and an open platform for network automation, allowing engineers to create a realistic network environment while gaining experience with a wide variety of automation tools that reduce the resources needed to operate the network, and allows them to focus on high-value testing and troubleshooting activities.
• Juniper Networks’ partner for the Coloclue deployment is Infradata B.V, a leading independent network integrator focused on designing, securing, implementing and managing next-generation networks for telecommunications operators, service providers and enterprises with mission critical networks.

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