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Codasip launches SecuRISC5 initiative

December 2022 by Marc Jacob

Codasip launched SecuRISC5, a Codasip initiative to provide its customers with safe and secure custom compute using highly verified reference designs combining Codasip IP and third-party technology. Codasip Labs, launched recently by Codasip, will play a central role in identifying opportunities where SecuRISC5 should focus its attention and will also act as the hub, coordinating pan-industry collaboration.

Following the recent acquisition of Cerberus Security Labs, Codasip is accelerating security developments for its RISC-V processor IP and plans to make security reference designs available in 2023. Because a truly secure system cannot be developed in isolation, Codasip is working with partners to deliver a complete and secure RISC-V ecosystem.

RISC-V offers a platform to develop the widest range of systems for all types of secure applications and functions – particularly for domain-specific designs which struggle to get the custom solution or the necessary support from proprietary ISAs. RISC-V is increasingly being implemented in security systems[1] and Codasip is active in the RISC-V standards processes. The SecuRISC5 initiative will build on the work of the RISC-V International Working Groups and will implement new standards as they are ratified.

Codasip RISC-V processors are also supported by a secure-boot function from Veridify.

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