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Coca-Cola Trusts Matrix Biometric Device to Secure their Manufacturing Units at Pirangut and Kudus, Maharashtra, India

October 2017 by Marc Jacob

_ Coca-Cola history began in 1886 and since then it emerged as one of the most valued brands with a net worth $74 billion. The company owns and markets more than 500 beverage brands across 200+ countries. Over the last 23 years, ever since its re-entry in 1993 in India, the company has gone on to establish an unmatched portfolio of beverages. The company along with its bottling partners, through a strong network of over 2.6 million retail outlets, touches the lives of millions of consumers. Its brands are some of the most preferred and most sold beverages in the country.

Coca-Cola has established its manufacturing unit in Kudus and Pirangut, Maharashtra, India and was looking for biometric solutions to secure their premises. Coca-Cola required individual servers at both locations. Their prime requirement was to restrict unauthorized user entry into secured area. Moreover, they require user punch i.e. events for both the locations separately. Both locations didn’t have many power supply ports. Providing separate power to door lock, biometric device and exit switch was a concern. Coca-Cola was in search of a solution where the basic requirements of user events as well as power issue to devices were solved easily.

Solution Offered: In order to overcome the challenge Matrix offered individual software platforms which act as servers for both the locations i.e. Kudus and Pirangut, Maharashtra. In order to resolve power supply port challenge, Matrix offered its premium range of biometric device which itself offers power to door lock and exit switch. Thus, Matrix biometric solution helped in solving both the challenges faced by Coca-Cola.

COSEC biometric devices have the capability to supply power to door locks and exit switch/reader from the devices itself.

• Restrict Unauthorized User Entry in Secure Premises
• Reduction in Cumbersome HR Tasks
• Accurate Maintenance of User Data

Project Highlights:
Application: Access Control
Users: 1500+
Devices: 40+
Location: Kudus and Pirangut, Maharashtra, India
Credential Type: Fingerprint (with Optical Sensor)
Industry: Manufacturing

The Products
Product Quantity Description
COSEC DOOR FOP 40 Fingerprint and Card based Door Controller with LCD, Keypad and USB
COSEC CENTRA ME 1 Application Server Platform with 500 Users and Expandable up to 1,000 Users for Basic Access Control and Raw Event Data
COSEC CENTRA LE 1 Application Server Platform with 1000 Users and Expandable up to One Million Users for Basic Access Control and Raw Event Data

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