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Cheops Technology selects HPE GreenLake

March 2022 by Marc Jacob

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced that Cheops Technology, one of the leading cloud computing and service providers in France, has selected the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform to introduce a new flexible, secure cloud storage service for its SMB and healthcare customers. The new offering expands Cheops Technology’s iCod® portfolio of managed cloud services to meet increased demand from end customers to scale services to support mission-critical data growth.

Cheops Technology specializes in delivering modernized infrastructure and technologies, cloud services and network security to a range of SMB and healthcare customers. Over the past 18 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered increased demand from its customers for new, reliable services that can scale and be flexible to support their mission-critical data growth.

To address this, Cheops Technology wanted to find a way to efficiently and quickly expand its service catalogue and onboard new customers, without delays. Additionally, Cheops Technology wanted to expand and scale its offerings while minimizing upfront capital investment.

“We needed a solution that would easily complement our existing iCod offering with built-in flexibility and additional scale-up capacity to allow us to respond immediately to new customer orders,” said Nicolas Leroy-Fleuriot, Cheops Technology. “The HPE GreenLake platform gives us the potential scope to expand future services in line with our customers’ needs, and meet our customer demands for exceptionally high levels of availability and security.”

Building on the existing iCod offering, HPE created a HPE GreenLake cloud service to deliver intelligent storage for missions-critical applications, enabled by HPE Primera, as the foundation for Cheops Technology’s new storage cloud services. The service is also based on usage-pricing and by accessing the HPE GreenLake Central, a centralized portal for managing and monitoring services, while gaining real-time insights on usage, Cheops Technology can improve budget predictability and easily match revenues and costs. The additional buffer capacity also allows the company to reduce time-to-market for additional services and gain any new capacity without requiring over-provisioning.

For its end customers, the scalable cloud service from HPE GreenLake allows Cheops Technology to manage fluctuations from its customers while maintaining a robust, high availability solution. The cloud service will be hosted in data centers based in Bordeaux, France to ensure business continuity and data sovereignty which are important to Cheops Technology’s customers.

“The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform enables our partners to build on to their existing resources to meet new demands for flexible and advanced technologies, while allowing them to scale as their business, and their customers’ businesses, grow,” said Paul d’Alena, Channel Director, HPE. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Cheops Technology to expand and bolster its offerings using HPE GreenLake and deliver new experiences to its customers.”

Previously, HPE also worked closely with Cheops Technology to design and implement a modernized technology platform for Salomon, a leading outdoor sports equipment manufacturer, also using the HPE GreenLake platform to meet Salomon’s increased demands for flexibility.

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