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Checkmarx Streamlines Prioritisation and Remediation of Application Vulnerabilities within the ServiceNow Vulnerability Dashboard

September 2023 by Marc Jacob

Checkmarx has announced general availability of an integration that enables AppSec and development teams to discover, prioritise and remediate vulnerabilities found by Checkmarx One™ within the ServiceNow Vulnerability Dashboard.

The Checkmarx ServiceNow integration enables teams to import projects, scan summaries and scan results within the Now Platform®, giving AppSec and development managers a clear view along with top-tier prioritisation and triage capabilities. The latest vulnerabilities found for each scan are presented within the ServiceNow Vulnerability Dashboard as AVIs (Application Vulnerability Items) for a single view. The Checkmarx ServiceNow integration offers:

• A centralised dashboard to prioritise and remediate: View trends and summaries of scan results to focus on the most critical risks.
• Determine risk with more datapoints: View results against a severity score based on CVE, CVS, and your own custom criteria.
• Coordinate response across teams: Automatically assign tickets to the appropriate teams with an SAL to remediate based on severity.
• Full visibility: View the organisation’s most impactful remediation activities and monitor their completion for a better understanding of overall AppSec posture.

Vulnerabilities found by Checkmarx One are presented within the ServiceNow Vulnerability Dashboard

When Checkmarx provides updated scan results, the ServiceNow Vulnerability Response Application can also automatically assign the found vulnerabilities to a specific person or team by building custom workflows and automation triggers. This process accelerates the security workflow, ensuring an efficient vulnerability management process.

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