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Checkmarx Announces Exclusive Partnership with Toyo Corporation

August 2016 by Marc Jacob

Checkmarx announced it has entered into an exclusive agency partnership with Toyo, leader of the world’s most advanced measurement instruments and systems, to offer Checkmarx’s flagship Static Application Security Testing tool "Checkmarx Cx SAST" to Toyo customers as a security solution at the source code level. With Checkmarx Cx SAST, Toyo will enable its customers to develop and implement secure code more effectively and mitigate security risks prevalent within IoT connected environments.

Checkmarx Cx SAST, which specializes in detecting vulnerabilities in source codes and making it visible for developing secure applications, will be a critical component to software development sites around the world who rely on Toyo’s services across the entire system development process from modules to complex large-scale products.

Toyo has considerable experience marketing support and software development tools for companies focused on developing embedded systems for enterprises. With the growth in IoT and Fintech, customers are now demanding new solutions for security and system vulnerabilities. Toyo will expand and reinforce its business by providing new services for these two key areas.

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