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CenturyLink Transforms, Rebrands as Lumen®

September 2020 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

CenturyLink has a new brand name and bold new purpose. As Lumen Technologies, or simply Lumen, the company will help lead enterprises through the challenges and opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution – a time when smart, connective devices are everywhere.

The 4th Industrial Revolution represents the latest technological shift to change how everyone lives, works and thrives. At its core, this new age requires companies to effectively acquire, analyse and act upon their data to stay ahead of the curve and to be competitive.

The Lumen Platform helps customers capitalize on emerging technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution to deliver amazing things such as smart cities, retail and industrial robotics, real-time virtual collaboration and automated factories, as well as power today’s business applications that require high-performance networking and security. The platform brings an interconnected global fiber network infrastructure, edge cloud capabilities, and security and communication and collaboration solutions to deliver a secure foundation for the application and data services vital to our customers’ success.

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