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Carbonite and CloudHappi Deliver Free Server Migration to Schools

October 2020 by Marc Jacob

Carbonite has partnered with CloudHappi, a cloud provider that specialises in IT solutions for the education sector, to offer primary and secondary schools a free service to migrate their servers away from on-premise to remote cloud facilities. This initiative aims to streamline the resource-intensive server migration process and increase internet bandwidth in a time when the education sector is tasked with delivering increased online learning options due to COVID-19.

The first school to benefit was Collingbourne C of E Primary School in Wiltshire, which was successfully migrated to the cloud in one day, opposed to the typical fifteen, all whilst the physical premises was inaccessible as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. The migration process is designed to avoid any downtime during learning hours and will provide them with a platform to exploit the technology for the benefit of the children as a result of using Carbonite Migrate alongside CloudHappi’s secure, cloud-based hosting solution.

The transition has allowed administration personnel to safely work from home and facilitate a more productive remote learning experience for the pupils. The school’s data has been moved from a vulnerable to a secure cloud environment, making applications and content easier to access, as well as mitigating the danger of data loss.

The partnership further enhances CloudHappi’s commitment to providing robust IT solutions to UK schools, taking them from outdated technology to a new world of cloud IT. It allows CloudHappi to integrate Carbonite products like Office365 backup and endpoint management solutions into its own service, enabling a ‘lift and shift’ platform whereby existing data and servers can be copied to the cloud without interrupting service for the users.

With schools needing to quickly adapt due to changing COVID-19 restrictions, and IT infrastructure now included as a criterion in OFSTED evaluations, CloudHappi and Carbonite believe the solution will help to support both flexible working and learning.

Dan Crossman, Headteacher at Collingbourne C of E Primary school, said: “The implementation of CloudHappi and Carbonite’s migration solution highlights our ambition to willingly embrace the latest technological innovations in order to deliver the best learning experience for pupils. It allows us to ensure that pupil data is secure and can be accessed from anywhere, meaning that we have complete peace of mind that the same quality of teaching and learning can be delivered amid any future lockdowns or physical restrictions.”

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