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CBD email scam warning: Criminals targeting veterans and anxiety sufferers

May 2021 by Vade Secure

Cybercriminals are using fake CBD emails to scam veterans, anxiety sufferers and other victims. That’s the warning from Vade Secure.

Its researchers have discovered phishing mails in three different languages. We have attached three samples but have more if you need them. Vade protects one billion mailboxes around the world and was recently named as a potential French unicorn (a one-billion-dollar startup) by President Macron.

Adrien Gendre, chief product officer at Vade, said: “Criminals are targeting people in Britain and across the world using fake CBD emails. We often see phishers try to play on people’s fears, with recent scam emails using false promises of Covid ‘cures’ to trick victims into clicking on dangerous links or downloading malicious files.

“These CBD scams are particularly cynical, because many people use this cannabis-derived substance as an alternative medicine and believe it offers pain relief or treats anxiety. It’s upsetting to think that cyber-criminals would target people who have long-term illnesses or suffer from chronic pain. But that’s exactly what’s happening here.

“This latest scam hammers home an important anti-phishing message: be careful what you click on. If you’re a business owner or work in the IT department of a large enterprise, you should combine the very best email defence systems with education programmes to make sure employees can spot a phishing email.

“Remember: it only takes one careless click for hackers to gain access to a network and start to do serious damage. Once this happens, no amount of CBD will ease the financial and reputational pain of a hack.”

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