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British Airways IT Glitch - Comment

August 2019 by Michael Cade, Senior Global Technologist, Veeam

British Airways’ recent IT glitch that caused more than 100 flights to be cancelled and more than 200 others to be delayed. The comment on this from Michael Cade, Senior Global Technologist, Veeam:

Our reliance on technology has hit a point where it has an overwhelming influence on consumer’s trust in a business – and this IT failure is testament to the fact that businesses are now expected to provide uninterrupted access, protect consumer data and recover quickly should the worst happen.

British Airways is not alone, this is affecting businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our recent Cloud Data Management report showed that nearly three-quarters (73%) of businesses recognize that they still are still unable to meet users’ demands for uninterrupted access to applications and data. This gap is causing business-critical challenges, from damage to customer confidence and brand integrity, right through to losses of hundreds of thousands of pounds an hour.

It doesn’t matter if loss or lack of access to data is caused by hardware failure, a cyber-attack, or even an employee gone rogue. Customers will not care about what caused an issue; they only want to know if their data is protected and that they’re still able to use services and applications as normal, without interruption, and that requires data availability.

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