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Breaking news: Equifax data breach

September 2017 by Adam Nash, EMEA sales manager at Webroot

The comment from Adam Nash, EMEA sales manager at Webroot (below) on the recent news has broken that Equifax disclosed a data breach which may have impacted approximately 143 million consumers in the United States, and involves some data for British and Canadian residents. The data compromised by hackers included Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and even driver’s license numbers.

“Data breaches are unfortunately a regular occurrence, especially when companies hold data that is ripe for identity theft. What is unusual about the Equifax case is the amount of time they waited before informing customers. Given the current climate around data security and breaches leaving it longer than necessary can be just as damaging to a company’s reputation as suffering the data breach in the first place. This just reinforces the need for regulation like GDPR. If GDPR was in place Equifax would have had to disclose the breach of European customer data as soon as they became aware of it or risk facing substantial fines.”

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