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Boards are not prepared to manage cyber security risks - comments from at Fujitsu

July 2019 by Rob Norris, Vice President of Enterprise and Cyber Security, Fujitsu

This morning Grant Thornton’s issued its latest cyber security board report, the report revealed that despite the danger posed by cyber-attacks to mid-sized companies, boards are not prepared to manage the risk. If you are looking to cover this story, please find below comments from Rob Norris, VP Enterprise and Cyber Security, Fujitsu. Here, Rob talks about the importance of cyber security training.

Rob Norris, VP Enterprise and Cyber Security, Fujitsu say:

“A £30bn loss to UK mid-market businesses is staggering and highlights the work that still needs to be done across the board to minimise the financial cost of cyber-attacks. It’s not just the money, though; a whole company’s reputation is now on the line if discovered to have been breached and inadvertently given away sensitive information. Mid-market companies comprise the bellwether of the UK economy and should have the measures in place to reflect that.

“Perhaps the most surprising – and worrying – aspect of the report is that only a third of employees have had cyber security training in the last 12 months. Human error is one of the most common and most preventable causes of a cyber breach, but requires a culture of security understanding from the top down. Without cyber security being mission critical in the boardroom, it’s not going to trickle down to the employees. Every department and every employee needs to be adequately upskilled – there should be no excuses in 2019.”

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