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Blackfog: MOVEit attack and CLOP variant fuels surge in ransomware attacks in second highest month on record

July 2023 by Dr Darren Williams, CEO and Founder at Blackfog

Dr Darren Williams, CEO of Blackfog, notes that “After an all-time record in May, June sees a continuation of this trend with the second highest number of ransomware attacks on record with 46 publicly disclosed, and a record 396 undisclosed attacks. This represents a ratio of 8.6:1 of unreported to reported attacks, or 860% going unreported, fuelled in part by the MOVEit attack and the CLOP ransomware variant.

This month education, healthcare and manufacturing dominated, with increases of 25%, 26% and 27% respectively. Government attacks showed one of the smallest increases of the year of only 12.5% but remains the third highest targeted sector.

In June, BlackCat and LockBit were the two dominant variants at 18.1% and 16.8% respectively. This closely mirrors the unreported attack variants, representing 50% of all successful attacks. With the sheer volume of attacks from CLOP we expect this to change over the coming months.

Finally, we saw illegal networks continue to dominate exfiltration techniques with 97% of all attacks. A large majority of ransomware is now originating and exfiltrating data to China 43% of the time, with Russia at 10%.”

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