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BlackBerry VP Selected to Advise on Key Cross-Border EU Cybersecurity Initiatives

December 2021 by Marc Jacob

BlackBerry announced the appointment of Roger Sels, its Vice President of Solutions, to two new, ambitious Ad-Hoc Working Groups on Security Operations Centres and the Cybersecurity Market, both of which will advise the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA).

These two key working groups look to assist the EU in capturing the current practices of its Security Operations Centres (SOCs) and to address the long-term challenges that the cybersecurity market will face across the region, and ultimately help to identify, protect against, detect, respond to, and recover from cyber threats when they affect organisations. The move is part of an international effort to strengthen EU cybersecurity structures and develop the capabilities of member states to comprehensively respond to cyber threats, including cross-border incidents.

BlackBerry’s expertise in securing over 500 million endpoints worldwide, as well as the extensive knowledge underpinning its advanced Research and Intelligence team, means that it is ideally suited to contribute to this effort to protect organisations from long-term damage when cyber-attacks strike.

Roger said: “I am honored to be given the opportunity to advise ENISA on these two key domains, with the ambitious goal to propel European cyber resilience forward, strengthening both the Member States’ capabilities to plan for, detect, respond to and recover from incidents, as well as stimulating long-term European cyber innovation, and where innovation is not sought, regulation of existing market participants via the EU Cybersecurity certification framework to increase the security posture for all market participants.”

BlackBerry is committed to securing a connected future you can trust; this opportunity to support international (public-private) collaboration, knowledge sharing, and solutions innovation is closely entwined with this aim, thanks to the direct impact it will have on European citizens and their trust in the cybersecurity industry and public administrations alike for the years to come.

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