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Black Matter group - Netwrix comments

November 2021 by Dirk Schrader, Global VP of Security Research at Netwrix

It has been in the news recently that Black Matter has announced an end to its operations amid pressure from local law enforcement.

So what is next for the group? Is a rebrand for Black Matter likely?

Dirk Schrader, Global VP of Security Research at Netwrix has shared his thoughts below:

“BlackMatter might fold its operations for now and under this name, but it is quite likely that the experience gathered by those involved will reappear under a different name, or the gap will be filled by other. Ransomware-as-a-service is a business which is way too promising for some, so the knowledge, the experience – and foremost – the tools will remain not unused.

“While it is good to see that Law Enforcement is having more and more successes in the fight against ransomware gangs, they are still reactive. Businesses should not believe that ransomware as a threat and a risk is diminishing, and should take proactive steps protecting their identities, their data and infrastructure and thus aiming for cyber resilience – which means the ultimate ability to withstand a cyber-attack while maintaining business operations.”

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