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Bittium Launches Secure Bittium Secure Call™ Communication Application

May 2021 by Marc Jacob

Bittium launches a secure Bittium Secure Call™ communication application targeted for authorities and companies. Security of the Bittium Secure Call communication application covers end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls, group calls, messages with attachments (picture, voice memo, video, contacts, voice messages), group messaging, push-to-talk voice messages, and a feature that destroys messages after a predefined time. Bittium Secure Call communication application is available for Bittium’s secure smartphones, Android devices and Windows desktops.

A user organization can easily integrate Bittium’s complete security solution into its own back-end system. This enables the user organization to keep devices and communication under its own control, ensuring that the organization’s confidential information does not leak to third parties.

Governmental-level security is achieved when Bittium Secure Call application is used together with Bittium Tough Mobile smartphones and the Bittium Secure Suite back-end system. Bittium smartphones provide a secure and certified mobile platform as well as a hardware-based security element for storing and managing the encryption keys used by Bittium Secure Call. Bittium Secure Suite implements a VPN encryption layer to encrypt communications. Together with the end-to-end encryption of Bittium Secure Call this creates a secure communication solution that is dependable even in the most demanding use cases.

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