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Biometrics by Fingerprints in Freevolt Technologies’ new biometric access card

December 2021 by Marc Jacob

Freevolt Technologies (formerly Drayson Technologies) - a UK technology company developing next-generation biometric smart card products for access control, cryptocurrency wallets and the healthcare sector - has announced it is launching S-Key, a battery-less biometric access card integrating the T-Shape sensor module by Fingerprint Cards AB.

With an S-Key access card, it is now possible for users to access physical areas securely and conveniently without having to touch the reader or a PIN pad because the user’s biometric data is stored securely on the card.

More secure and frictionless access and authentication methods are now high on the agendas of enterprises to keep workplaces safe. Biometrics not only plays a role in securing the modern workplace but can also improve convenience by saving users time and giving employees greater flexibility over how, when and where they work.

To support easier integration, S-Key is compliant with existing access control infrastructure.

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