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BeyondTrust and SailPoint Join Forces to Unite Security and Identity of Privileged Users

December 2015 by Marc Jacob

BeyondTrustR announced that it is collaborating with SailPoint as an inaugural member of its Identity+ Alliance. Designed to accelerate and enhance integration with operational and security infrastructures, SailPoint has opened its Identity Governance and Administration platform, IdentityIQT, to select technology partners, including BeyondTrust.

BeyondTrust will integrate its PowerBroker Privileged Account Management (PAM) platform , including Retina Vulnerability Management technology with IdentityIQ, providing customers with a powerful best-of-breed solution that will:

* Increase visibility into user, application and asset interaction with behavioral analytics to track potential malicious activity from insider and external threats

* Enhance efficiency around regulatory compliance reporting by providing insight into identity activities and account utilization

* Provide visibility into provisioning applications to minimize risk and potential breaches

"Companies continue to seek the ability to answer the fundamental questions of ’who you are’, ’what you have access to’, and ’how that access is being used’ as it relates to anyone who comes on to their network, be it employees, contractors or partners," said Kevin Hickey, President and CEO, BeyondTrust. "By integrating the most advanced Privileged Account Management system with SailPoint’s market-leading IAM platform, enterprises will now have the ability to confidently answer those questions with far greater levels of operational efficiency and confidence."

According to the recent (October 8, 2015) report from Gartner, "Twelve Best Practices for Privileged Access Management" (authored by Anmol Singh and Felix Gaehtgens), it was emphasized that organizations should "establish privileged access governance by extending identity governance controls, such as automated provisioning, entitlements cataloguing and access certification, to privileged accounts and administrator access." BeyondTrust, who is mentioned in the report, believes this will be an important differentiator for SailPoint and BeyondTrust customers.

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