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BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe Adds Greater Context to Workflow for Reduced Risk

September 2015 by Marc Jacob

BeyondTrust® announced the latest version of the company’s privileged password and privileged session management solution, PowerBroker Password Safe 5.6. New capabilities in this solution help IT organizations gain greater context over user requests, mitigate the risk of third-party access and better enable secure cloud adoption. By improving the accountability and control over privileged access, IT organizations can reduce security risks and achieve compliance objectives.

A challenge with most workflow processes is that they lack context. The updated Password Safe solution overcomes this lack of context with Advanced Workflow Control, which considers the day, date, time and location when a user accesses resources to determine their ability to access those systems. Access policies based on Advanced Workflow Control can automatically tie into BeyondInsight Clarity to quarantine resources based on the active risk profile in use.

“Insider threats represent one of the most serious security risks in enterprises today,” said Brad Hibbert, CTO, BeyondTrust. “The addition of the Advanced Workflow Control, new cloud connectors, and live session monitoring in Password Safe 5.6 provides greater visibility and control to reduce the risk of insider threats.”

Cloud-based environments are housing a growing number of critical internal resources for organizations of all sizes. However, the management interfaces to these critical environments are often left unmonitored with weak or uncontrolled password policies. Password Safe 5.6 includes support for the storage and session management for administrative credentials on cloud platforms, as well as social networks. Support for cloud platforms includes Amazon (AWS), Azure, Office 365, Google, GoGrid and Rackspace; social networks include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and XING. This new capability helps ease security concerns that could potentially slow cloud adoption.

Additionally, PowerBroker Password Safe 5.6 features new capabilities for live session management, enabling true dual control. Options include:

• “Lock” allows administrators to stop a session.
• “Terminate” disconnects a user from their session.
• “Terminate and cancel” not only disconnects a user from their session but also prevents them from connecting back in.

Having this true dual control capability allows time for security teams to investigate suspicious behavior without killing the application – or user productivity.

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