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Beyond Identity study higlights who’s streaming but not paying: 84% of people mooch off someone else’s Netflix account

April 2022 by Beyond Identity

A recent study from invisible, unphishable multi-factor authentication (MFA) provider Beyond Identity set out to uncover how many people are swapping or sharing their streaming logins and how difficult it is to kick people off once they no longer wish to share.

Surveying 1,025 Americans, Beyond Identity discovered that every streaming service had, on average, at least two “moochers” — individuals who use an account without paying. Netflix was the most popular platform for people to share passwords, while collectively, all streaming platforms saw a potential loss of $672 per moocher per year.

According to respondents, when it was time to break up with moochers, nearly one in four account owners just changed the account password and hoped no one would reach out. However, 30% of moochers were undeterred and asked account owners to reshare their new credentials. Further, many account owners discovered their login information was shared without their knowledge, despite 48% of moochers living with the account owner. Aside from disrupting viewing preferences, this also puts personal information at risk of being stolen — especially when that password is used for other logins.

But the risky behavior didn’t stop there. More than one in 10 account owners admitted to using the same password for their streaming subscriptions and their bank accounts, and 36% used the same passwords as their personal email accounts. Although using the same password across multiple accounts can allow the user to easily remember all of their logins, it’s one of the riskiest behaviors when it comes to online security — particularly when account owners don’t know who’s sharing their passwords with others.

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