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Bertin IT leverages its partnership with SYSTRAN to offer a Multilingual Translation Cloud integrated into its AMI EI collaborative monitoring platform

March 2020 by Marc Jacob

Bertin IT has a long-standing partnership with SYSTRAN, a world leader in the field of neural machine translation, to meet the challenges of multilingual digital investigation, particularly in the fields of Defense and Security. Bertin IT has decided to extend this partnership to its collaborative intelligence solution AMI EI, to provide companies with a translation solution adapted to massive quantities of documents.

Bertin IT and SYSTRAN have designed a joint offering to automate the translation of multilingual sources for better control and capitalization of information. Indeed, the exploitation of new sources of foreign information supports targeted global environmental monitoring. Hosted in the Cloud, this turnkey solution does not require any specific installation for the customer while ensuring an optimal level of security for the translated information at an optimized operating cost. SYSTRAN’s translation module, natively embedded on the AMI EI platform, automatically translates all collected documents (European, Asian, Arabic or Russian) into a target language. Businesses will de facto gain in efficiency and productivity but also in completeness in the analysis and information dissemination phases.

To maintain the state of the art of our collaborative intelligence solution and to meet market intelligence requirements, Bertin IT integrates new features to simplify and accelerate the Intelligence Market process.

Now responsive, the mobile application will allow users to work where and when they want. The user will be alerted to notifications of updates (newsletter, recommendation, comment) in real time and will be able to remotely share images, photos and video to ensure an astonishment report.

• The creation of central entities to facilitate the organization of information according to the priority issues of our customers, to benefit from summary sheets and mapping for a finer and faster analysis of the information collected.
• Groups of hashtags for a classification of the collected documents which will facilitate for the reviewer the analysis of the information by themes and for the user the research and consultation.
• The newsletters are fully customizable both on the design to be consistent with the customer’s graphic charter and on the routing part for a configuration adapted to their needs.

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